Mexico City

Poster summarizing the findings and challenges of public policy in Mexico City

Cartel que resume los hallazgos y retos de política pública en la ciudad de Mexico City.

For details on the methodology, please visit the Interesting Case Studies page. These intensive case studies were undertaken in Mexico City in the summer of 2011 by the following team members: Peter Ward, Edith Jimenez, Erika Grajeda, Alejandra Nunez, Cristina Saborio and Yency Contreras. Selection was undertaken from the 2009 survey (see the 2007 30 year restudy section in Research Methodology) and comprised deep ‘dives’ into a particular issue about which we hoped to get much greater insight about stakeholder viewpoints; conflicts; particular housing dynamics & challenges; household dynamics and structural build out over time; and household member mobility patterns, etc.

Comprises a three generation household, and the two original parents have a will that leaves the house to two of their sons living in the USA, and from whom remittances have formed the basis for home expansion and consolidation. The building also has a commercial tortilleria that provides income to the elderly parents.

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Three generation household in which there is tension between the eldest daughter and her mother who is the surviving matriarch. Intestacy case (no Will) and the mother would like to sell up and return to her pueblo. The daughter insists that she should inherit, this being her father’s wishes.

Is occupied by the absentee owner’s son and family and is a three story dwelling with five other small households who rent. The lot and structures present a number of hazards and development challenges.

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Comprises multiple households spanning three generations. Major intestacy conflicts exist over the ownership since the neither the matriarch nor her late husband had a will. The title is clouded by claims from the survivors of one of the brothers (who live in Cancun) who claims that he is the rightful heir and owner. Another son who lives on the lot claims he is the rightful owner and is contesting the claim.

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It is another rental case in which the female owner originally agreed to be interviewed and allow a site visit but then did not allow follow up interviews with herself or with the renters. It is incomplete.

Chalma Guadalupe in the north of the city is interesting since the steep slopes that the lot occupies present major development challenges. The 83 year old owner has a Will and lives at the top of the lot, while his son’s family live in the home adjacent to the street.