LAHN Research Associates and Participants at the University of Texas:

2008-09 Policy Research Project Graduate Students who participated in the Monterrey study and fieldwork: Sergio Cabrera; Dana Stoval; Maria Garcia; Haydn Kihm; Kendra Kreider; Sabina Mora; Cristeen Pusch; Cristina Saborio; and Lindsey Stuart.

2008-09 Austin based innerburbs fieldwork and PRP participants were: Lauren Dimitry; Edna Ledesma; Jordan Munn, Meng Qi, Orly Shturman, Olivia Starr; Mary Esther Sullivan; Laura Vanoni and Ju Hyun Yoo

LAHN Research Associates in Monterrey:

Poster summarizing the findings and challenges of public policy in the city of Monterrey.

Cartel que resume los hallazgos y retos de política pública en la ciudad de Monterrey.

These materials are also described in the Research Methodology section for the Monterrey Case.

Maps of the Settlements:

Below is a final draft report by students from the LBJ School Graduate Policy Research Project (PRP) class The “Innerburbs” of Monterrey Mexico and Austin in Comparative Perspective. It contains a section about the preliminary findings for the two settlement studies that will be discussed in greater depth and reported upon later in 2009 and in 2010 on the LAHN website. Several sections from this PRP report are also repeated elsewhere on the Monterrey pages.