Air Quality Measures (See Ch 4 of Report)
Training in the Lab – Water Quality Measurements

The following data sets (in EXCEL, SPSS and STATA) contain the redacted and de-identified household-level entries collected between May and July 2019, as part of the Comprehensive Needs Assessment survey of the President’s Award for Global Learning (2019) of UT Austin, in four rural communities of Puebla, Mexico. The data set includes variables on perceptions of public health, mental health, housing, community cohesion and health-related behaviors. For details and characteristics of the variables, refer to the data dictionary, where the renaming key is also added. Cleaning and data processing were conducted from the Qualtrics Survey Software, using R programming language and statistical software. For more details or further inquiry, contact Alfonso Rojas at

In Appendix 4 we provide detailed lots plans (Case #a), with hazards (Case #b) and a text about the background of the case, hazards, etc. (Case #c). Note: Names have been changed to protect informants, even though, in some cases, the individuals will identifiable locally by other community members. Please respect respondents’ privacy. Any questions please contact